Warranty Policy

Warranty Policy

We always bring to our customers the besttest quality door lock products. Like any electronic device, there will be problems with errors arising from objective and subjective factors. With more than 4,000+ agents in the countries of the world and 24/7 customer service staff will bring you a perfect service.

As a globally recognised manufacturer and supplier, Onelock Technlogy, co. Ltd. (OneLock) provides the following warranty policy (Warranty) in relation to its fittings, equipment, cabinetry, accessories and related products (Product(s)) and may be amended from time to time.


  • OneLock products come with a warranty: 2 year lock body and 1 year for electronic components
  • Product defects are renewed within 7 days from the date of installation.
    Gold policy only at OneLock: lifetime maintenance, home warranty.
  • Warranty location: at OneLock headquarters & dealers nationwide.


  • Defective products are caused by the product / manufacturer
  • All OneLock products purchased from any store / reseller
  • Product is still in warranty period, temp warranty intact
  • The product information matches the warranty card of OneLock 


  • Products with electronic warranty stamps are scratched, erased, unknown numbers.
  • The product is no longer in the warranty period (repair is charged) Products not genuine products of OneLock.
  • Touch / fire due to installation in dusty, high humidity, water entering, oxidized environments by chemicals
  • Not the fault of the manufacturer: natural disasters, fires, floods, lightning strikes, natural damage, insects, animals, due to external impact.

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